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How To: Reduce Crepe Skin


Many noteworthy displays were featured in 2018. Cosmetic surgeons, John Layke and Payman Danielpour (of the Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group), have made a revolution­ary at-home technique to help ¿JKW WKH DSSHDUDQFH RI FUHSH\ VNLQ The doctors have shown, in user groups, this new technique was found to improve the appearance of skin around the arms, neck, chest, legs, and other areas.

According to their research, loose skin DGGV VLJQL¿FDQWO\ PRUH \HDUV WR D person’s perceived age than wrinkles, ¿QH OLQHV RU SLJPHQW changes—which is why they trained their focus on this particular situation. And when the doctors demonstrat­ed just how quickly and effectivel­y it worked it became clear that their discovery is nothing short of groundbrea­king. Many users have achieved outstandin­g improvemen­t in their appearance using a simple process, which can be selfadmini­stered. But the latest developmen­t in this story came when the video version of the presentati­on was made available to the public on-line. As of this writing, the video has over four million views and is quickly becoming a social media phenomenon. Watch their shocking presentati­on at

Indeed, this video contains some astonishin­g

revelation­s. One viewer commented: This is just incredible. I’ve never seen an approach to aging quite like this. What I just witnessed went way above and beyond my expectatio­ns. But Dr. Layke and Danielpour’s breakthrou­gh has also caused some controvers­y. When we reached out to other cosmetic surgeons for comment, many stated that, as with any newly released treatment, people should be advised to watch the entire video report, before committing to such an unconventi­onal solution. You can watch Dr. Layke’s presentati­on on full-body age-reversal HERE at

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