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The Kardashian­s cut off family pal Jordyn Woods after she cheated with Khloé’s man — and now the model has a chance for revenge


After getting dumped by the Kardashian clan for hooking up with Khloé’s baby daddy, Jordyn Woods is being propositio­ned to dish on the famous family in a new tell-all.

Khloé Kardashian’s heart was in pieces. Last year, she forgave Tristan Thompson, the father of her 10-month- old daughter, True, for cheating on her with random women. Then he did it again with someone she knew. On Feb. 17, sources confirmed to Life & Style, the NBA star hooked up with Jordyn Woods — Kylie Jenner’s best friend — at an LA house party. Khloé dumped him and a week later thanked fans for their support, tweeting, “I’ve been reading your kind words and they really are a blessing to me.”

But soon, Khloé could be reading her family’s darkest secrets. Life & Style has exclusivel­y learned that Jordyn may be preparing to air the Karjenners’ dirty laundry in print. “There’s nothing stopping Jordyn from doing a tell-all book,” reveals an insider, noting that the model, 21, didn’t hesitate to talk about the scandal when she taped an episode of Jada Pinkett Smith’s Red Table Talk on Feb. 26. “All the Kardashian­s treated Jordyn more like a sister than a friend. She knows more about the Kardashian­s than almost anyone in the world, and now that they’ve washed their hands of Jordyn, publishers are offering big bucks to dish dirt on the family. She could earn enough to live comfortabl­y for the rest of her life!”


Khloé, 34, should be worried. Though Tristan, 27, “cheated and has been portrayed as the villain, Jordyn could still reveal the truth about his relationsh­ip with Khloé — how he felt controlled by her and the Kardashian­s,” says the insider. “Jordyn knows Tristan was miserable.” Jordyn has dirt on momager Kris Jenner, 63, too. “She’s witnessed Kris’ boozing,” notes the insider, “and of course knows how manipulati­ve Kris is and about all the secret bust-ups she’s had with her daughters because of the pressure she puts on them.”

Kylie, 21, has more to lose than anyone, though. BFFS with the former Good American poser since middle school, she

even lived with Jordyn up until news of the tryst with Tristan broke. “Jordyn was privy to the ins and outs of Kylie’s relationsh­ip with Travis [Scott, 26, the father of her daughter, Stormi, 13 months], has witnessed all the secret screaming matches,” reveals the insider. Even worse, “Kylie’s opened up to Jordyn about how she really feels about her sisters and how competitiv­e they are. Kylie’s

bad-mouthed all of them. If the truth came out, it could tear their family apart.”

The famous clan better brace themselves. If Jordyn was callous enough to hook up with Tristan, “then she’s capable of writing a tell-all without feeling guilt,” suggests the insider. “A book of this nature could bring the Kardashian family down!”

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