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After five and a half years of undercover dating, Jamie Foxx reveals it’s over with Katie Holmes


Frustrated by her refusal to commit, Jamie Foxx ditches longtime girlfriend Katie Holmes — and announces the breakup in the most embarrassi­ng way.

From Kendal l Jenner and Regina King to Kerry Washington and Jessica Szohr, Jamie Foxx was not left wanting for female attention at the multiple Oscar fetes he attended on Feb. 24. In fact, during his half- hour performanc­e at the Entertainm­ent Studios Oscar Gala Supporting Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Katie Holmes’ boyfriend of five and a half years even had a crowd of lovely ladies join him onstage. That’s when he dropped a line that no one expected. “He said, ‘ I’m single,’ ” recalls an eyewitness at the party. “It was very nonchalant.”

His mat ter- of- fact statement marked the end of one of the most lowkey relationsh­ips in Hollywood history. After years of sneaking around in an attempt to avoid being photograph­ed together and multiple breakups and makeups, the Robin Hood actor, 51, has pulled the plug on his romance with Katie, 40, Life & Style’s exclusivel­y learned. “Jamie gave Katie many chances to commit, but she never could fully,” notes an insider, adding that the pair haven’t publicly been seen together since late December when they were spotted on a yacht

in Miami. “That’s why he dumped her.”


Jamie twisted the knife with his Oscar party admission. “Jamie made sure, in a big way, that everyone knew he and Katie were through. It’s kind of a slap in the face,” says the insider. “She didn’t think Jamie was going to announce he was single in such a public way.”

Katie’s last relationsh­ip, with Tom Cruise, 56, also ended disastrous­ly in 2012. Jamie was a breath of fresh air following the split — but he grew tired of waiting for the Dawson’s Creek alum to be ready for marriage again. “Jamie loves Katie. He wanted to marry her and would have committed, but Katie had an ongoing case of cold feet,” explains the insider. Part of her hesitance, though, was because Jamie enjoys attention from other women. “Jamie’s no angel — he loves to flirt,” admits the insider, “and Katie always had trust issues.”

Those came to a head in early February and might be what doomed the couple. “Jamie and Katie had the fight to end all fights during his trip to the Super Bowl. He has diffi- culty resisting female attention and isn’t short of cute women throwing themselves at him,” says a source. “I didn’t see him hook up with anyone, but Jamie got a little too cozy with one pretty brunette at a Super Bowl party.” Now, adds the insider, “He’s free to live it up. They made a clean break. He’s moved on — for good this time.”

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