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Q: Dr. Helm, would you explain the difference between traditiona­l cataract surgery and laser cataract surgery?

Dr. Helm: Traditiona­l cataract surgery involves the use of metal or diamond blades to make incisions through the cornea to access the cataract. A puncture is then made in the front side of the capsule that surrounds the cataract and forceps are used to tear a circular opening through which an ultrasound probe is passed and used to break up the cataract. Generally, in experience­d hands, this technique produces excellent results with standard lens implants. However, there are now more advanced lens implants such as the trifocal lens implant (PanOptix®) and astigmatis­m-correcting lens implants that perform best when they are perfectly centered in the eye. Laser-assisted cataract surgery allows

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