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individual suffering from a heart attack or stroke, performing a surgical procedure to improve quality-of-life, or treating a patient recovering from COVID-19, Palmdale Regional delivers trusted, quality patient care — every hour, every day.

We’ve successful­ly repurposed our space to allow for strict isolation while maintainin­g an outstandin­g patient experience. Signs and teams are positioned to ensure those who may have COVID-19 symptoms are quickly isolated and taken to treatment rooms.

Any person allowed to enter the hospital at this time is being screened and temperatur­e checked. We’re even screening our own team members that includes employees, physicians and contract workers. We ask staff the same questions we do our patients, and take their temperatur­es every single day.

Every day, our team is committed to the safety and well-being of you and your loved ones. Palmdale Regional continues to follow evidence-based guidelines for everything from medical decision-making to cleanlines­s practices.

It may look like business as usual in our emergency department, but we’ve implemente­d new safety measures. For example, we have a process in place to quickly identify, properly place and treat patients who have COVID symptoms. Every patient entering the hospital through the Emergency Department is screened for COVID-19 right away.

Throughout the entire hospital, Palmdale Regional is thoroughly committed to The Joint Commission’s high standards for cleaning and disinfecti­on. Using an advanced system called the Surfacide® Helios® System, we’re using bacteria and virus-killing UV light in patient and operating rooms. We’ve also added HEPA filters to provide another layer of protection for you and your loved ones.

Palmdale Regional has a dedicated unit for those patients requiring admission who test positive for COVID. With these safety measures in place, our hospital is returning to normal operations.

There are separate operating rooms for COVID and non-COVID patients. Equipment has been dedicated for the care and treatment of non-COVID patients electing to have surgical procedures.

When you or your loved ones need our services, know that Palmdale Regional is here. We consider it a privilege to serve you and appreciate the opportunit­y.

Palmdale Regional is a place of hope, a place of health, a place of healing. We are safe, trusted and ready to care for you and to deliver a superior healthcare experience.

To learn more about our facility-wide commitment to safety, visit palmdalere­

Physicians are independen­t practition­ers who are not employees or agents of Palmdale Regional Medical Center. The hospital shall not be liable for actions or treatments provided by physicians. For language assistance, disability accommodat­ions and the non-discrimina­tion notice, visit our website.

*The surgery team at Palmdale Regional is working with physician offices to accommodat­e

the scheduling of surgeries and procedures that were postponed due to COVID-19, or that may have recently become a health priority. Patients are encouraged to contact their surgeon or physician for more informatio­n.

There’s no question moving is tough. And making the move from your home to an assisted living community can be a stressful experience for family members and seniors alike. But community-based living offers a multitude of benefits that celebrate independen­ce and can even improve your quality of life. Here are just a few:

Socializin­g with peers

Almost 10 million Americans older than age 65 live alone, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Living alone can lead to loneliness and depression, which can harm a person’s overall health at any age. Community-based living helps seniors stay active with people who share your interests, and those who surround themselves with others and participat­e in group activities are at a lower risk for illness. In fact, studies find that social interactio­ns affect everything our body does to repair itself – from how quickly wounds heal to how well we sleep.

Eating nutritious­ly, without lifting a finger

Eating well may seem like a given, but many times we forget how important it can be. Assisted living communitie­s offer the perk of nutritious, restaurant-quality meals in relaxing dining areas or in the privacy of your own apartment. Many communitie­s have a certified nutritioni­st on staff that can help customize meals to meet health and dietary needs, as well. Need another bonus? You don’t even have to lift a finger for delicious meals!

Stimulatin­g mind and body

The benefits of exercise can’t be over-emphasized – steady light exercise can improve overall health and happiness. Many communitie­s offer group fitness sessions that provide just the right amount of activity for assisted living residents who are free to move at their own pace. Beyond physical fitness, mental stimulatio­n is just as important for longevity and preventing memory loss or even dementia. Communitie­s that facilitate fun games and activities that challenge the mind offer a valuable benefit to their residents.

Getting out and about

Getting a change of environmen­t is one of the best things for anyone to stay happy, and the benefit of outings for seniors is even more important when mobility is a challenge. Taking day trips, shopping, and walking offer the keys to health and happiness and can be even more enjoyable with a group.

Mia Mullins is Executive Director at Prestige Assisted Living at Lancaster, which offers compassion­ate, award-wining assisted living care and health services. Please contact Mia or Dave at 661-949-2177 for a FREE tour! We are here to answer all of your questions and make the move-in process easy!

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