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Creepy, heavy footsteps in the dark

- WRITTEN BY Kenneth Nickel | Valley Press Reader

Not surprising­ly, I remember this like it was yesterday. Something unseen at the door. While our house in Garrettsvi­lle was not as old as we thought — or appeared to be — it was a veteran of many a northern winter and vicious storms. It was a formidable bulwark. And with a basement that was little more than a deep hole in the ground with basically unsupporte­d walls, our house was like a big, two-story, high-ceilinged log cabin built in the Victorian style.

I always say that I don’t believe in ghosts or anything supernatur­al, but then I remember the incidents in that old house and I become uneasy. Strange noises at night like a baby crying in the stillness of the wee hours — the only baby blocks away — and a loud rubbery sound heard throughout the house but mostly from the basement. Yes, the earthen-floored basement with two or three shallow and suspicious oblong indentatio­ns.

It is important to say that our house sat on its own little hill with the backyard sloping down and finally flattening out into a kind of marshy water meadow about a football field long. With a little stream with frogs splashing and croaking.

The back door was thick and substantia­l — but with no lock ,which I didn’t realize at the time. Almost no one locked their doors at night anyway; it was that kind of town in a different era.

But if I had known it was not locked, it would have panicked me because as I was standing in the dark kitchen in the late night I heard the thudding on the outside door. It was close to midnight and I did not jump to answer it immediatel­y. There was a window with a view of that door; the moon was bright and full and I could see there was no one there. But the thudding continued.

In only a moment, however, I heard running-away footsteps, heavy and loud. Nothing visible.

I didn’t realize until later, that footsteps in the soft grass should have been scarcely heard if at all, but I heard them clearly and even splashing through the water into the grove of trees at the far end of our lot. And the usually — noisy frogs were silent.

Well, the house was pulled down shortly after I moved to California and all those unearthly noises and all the other incidents will have to remain unexplaine­d.

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