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Scary nights on a haunted highway

- WRITTEN BY Sarah Cabrera | Valley Press Staff

There’s an old dirt road in Pearblosso­m that locals say is haunted. Back in 1994, a single mother was killed by a discarded pipe bomb as she was out looking for recyclable­s in the desert. It’s said that if you visit her memorial at night, you can often hear her footsteps walking around your car.

One night, a few years ago, we had driven down the skinny dirt road and then proceeded to make a U-turn so we were facing the right direction to head home. We heard a knock on the back of the SUV, followed by a sound that can only be described as nails on a chalkboard. I asked my boyfriend if he had accidental­ly backed into a bush and he replied “the car’s in park!” We didn’t hear any footsteps that night, but the next day there were obvious scratch marks in the dirt on the back window of our SUV.

We’ve taken many friends and family out there over the years and almost every time, something happens. The most recent being this past Fourth of July. After parking and turning off the headlights, we sat in silence for a few minutes thinking nothing was going to happen. My boyfriend was just about to start the car when the rear passenger door handle started wiggling like someone was tr ying to get in!

My 18-year-old nephew flew across the back seat and ended up in his mom’s lap. We didn’t hear anything else that night, but after we arrived home ,it sure looked like smudged fingerprin­ts on the door handle.

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