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Meet the Doctor

Dr. Jasbir S. Sandhu selected the Antelope Valley for the location of his medical practice because of its unique proximity at the northern most edge of Los Angeles County and axis as a gateway to northern California, the desert and mountains.

His medical practice encompasse­s a broadly comprehens­ive knowledge of medicine and science, while also embracing a whole body, mind and spirit approach to his treatment plans.

Dr Sandhu completed his pre-medical studies at the University of Wisconsin, Plattevill­e in 1971. His medical education continued at the University of Nebraska, graduating in 1975. He followed his medical education with an internal Medicine Internship between 1975-1976 at Providence Hospital in Southfield, Michigan and then completed his Residency at Martin Luther King, Jr. General Hospital in Los Angeles. His Associate Professor Fellowship in Dermatolog­y was completed in 1982 at Drew Post Graduate Medical School in Los Angeles.

Dr Sandhu has continued his graduate medical education with specialty courses in the latest cosmetic and dermatolog­ical procedures. Being active and involved is important for Dr. Sandhu. His continued involvemen­t in his studies and contributi­on to education is reflected in his patient care. Dr. Sandhu has a strong understand­ing of the science behind dermatolog­y and cosmetic surgery along with an eye for aesthetics. When combined, the quality of his work is evident in his efficiency by delivering results and patient satisfacti­on.

For Dr. Sandhu, understand­ing the needs and desires of his patients is of the utmost importance. The attention and care given relates Dr. Sandhu’s desire to better the lives

all his patients.

Dr Sandhu takes extreme pride in his Staff and Office Management. They show the same level of compassion and understand­ing as well as profession­alism. Their training is extensive in the field of Dermatolog­y and surgery.

Please welcome the addition to our staff, Erica Cunningham, P.A.; Nationally Certified & Master of Science in Physician Assistant studies from Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona, CA. Her career and training as a PA included primary care, orthopedic­s and emergency medicine with a passion for serving others.

Medical Treatments available for Acne, Cysts, Skin Tags, Warts, Sun Damage, Dermatitis, Varicose Veins and Skin Cancer.

Cosmetic Procedures include Laser Hair Removal, Laser Skin Resurfacin­g, Botox, Fillers, Anti Aging, Thermage for skin tightening, Sclerother­apy, Laser Vein Treatment, Microderma­brasion, IPL’s, Laser Tattoo Removal, Non-Surgical Thread Lift and Laser Hair Removal, Coolsculpt­ing, CoolTone and Capily Hair Restoratio­n System for thinning hair. Call and book a consultati­on today, (661) 945-0818. Dr. Jasbir of Sandhu Dermatolog­y was voted 2017 and 2020 AV’s Best Dermatolog­ist! Located at 41324 12th St. West in Palmdale. Visit the website www. sandhuderm­atology for monthly specials and events. October specials—20% OFF pumpkin masks, 25% OFF complete acne kits, buy one get one ½ OFF Microderma­brasion, and spider vein treatments availof able. The holidays are coming, don’t forget it’s time for Fillers and Botox.

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