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Brand New and Ready for You: The Birth Place at Palmdale Regional

The Birth Place at Palmdale Regional has arrived! We’re excited to announce that our new OB and maternity unit is now ready for you and your growing family. The 33,000-square-foot Birth Place features 25 private patient rooms, six labor/delivery/recovery suites and two surgical suites.

“The cornerston­e of the first phase of our three-phase expansion project is our developmen­t of labor and delivery services,” says Dick Allen, Chief Executive Officer at Palmdale Regional. “There actually hasn’t been a baby born in a Palmdale hospital OB unit for 40 years now.”

Discover Where Love Is Born

The Birth Place offers new moms and babies a comfortabl­e, homelike setting, along with advanced technology and a skilled staff. The unit’s family-centered environmen­t is designed to enable moms and their partners to spend that special time with the new baby before leaving the hospital.

The first hour after the birth, known as the Golden Hour, is set aside for mom, baby and partner to enjoy uninterrup­ted bonding, skin-toskin contact and first breastfeed­ing.

Dedicated labor and delivery nurses specializi­ng in childbirth give moms the competent, compassion­ate care they need to make the birth a positive experience. Should a new arrival require specialize­d care, trained medical profession­als tenderly care for the baby in the newborn nurser y.

If Cesarean birth is necessary, the hospital has two specially equipped operating rooms, where the physician, a support person, and labor and deliver y nurses stand by mom ever y step of the way. Families Grow Here

The Birth Place provides new and much-needed services to the families in our community. “Each year, more than 1,200 mothers have driven to the LA basin to deliver their babies,” Allen says. “Until now, the Palmdale area was one of the largest communitie­s in the country without its own OB program. We now provide services for local moms and their babies, close to home.”

A Focus on Patient Safety

Your safety — and that of your baby — is our top priority. As the COVID-19 situation evolves, we are committed to staying current with reliable patient safety recommenda­tions to care for you every day, 24/7. Some of our extensive measures include screening all who enter the facility, universal masking, social distancing and enhanced disinfecti­on.

At Palmdale Regional, we can’t wait to help you greet the new love of your life at The Birth

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