400 quakes rat­tle town

Lodi News-Sentinel - - STATE - By An­drea Castillo, Rong-Gong Lin II and Shelby Grad

LOS AN­GE­LES — More than 400 small earthquake­s have hit a sec­tion of South­ern Cal­i­for­nia over the last few days.

Res­i­dents in the area have felt rat­tled. But ex­perts don’t ex­pect ma­jor seis­mic ac­tiv­ity from the re­cent ac­tiv­ity con­cen­trated in the Riverside County com­mu­nity of Glen Avon that they are call­ing the Glen Avon Earth­quake Swarm.

“Swarms of small mag­ni­tude events are rel­a­tively com­mon in this area, ex­tend­ing from Riverside to Chino,” the South­ern Cal­i­for­nia Seis­mic Net­work said in a re­port. “Based on past his­toric record­ings this swarm is only ex­pected to gen­er­ate events of mag­ni­tude less than 4.0.”

The net­work, a project by Cal­tech and the U.S. Ge­o­log­i­cal Sur­vey, said the area where the quakes have oc­curred has “no ma­jor mapped fault but rel­a­tively abun­dant small seis­mic­ity in­di­cat­ing a lo­cal net­work of small frac­tures and faults. Earthquake­s in this area are prob­a­bly re­lated to the tec­tonic load­ing of the nearby San Jac­into and San An­dreas faults.”

Most of the quakes have been be­low mag­ni­tude 3.0 and were not no­ticed by res­i­dents. But sev­eral have been felt.

“Re­cently, it’s been like a roller coaster. Like, I was mind­ing my own busi­ness, and then the earth is like shak­ing and I don’t know what’s ... go­ing on,” res­i­dent Vi­rig­inia Hidalgo told KCBS-TV.

“It’s non­stop. They think I’m crazy. My hus­band is like, ‘You’re crazy. It’s a truck that’s pass­ing by.’ No, it’s not a truck,” Joanna Lopez told KABC-TV.

It has been al­most five years since Cal­i­for­nia ex­pe­ri­enced its last earth­quake of mag­ni­tude 6 or stronger. Sci­en­tists say this calm pe­riod will end, and they give warn­ings about seis­mic dan­gers rang­ing from the Big One on the San An­dreas fault to catas­tro­phes that could come from lesser-known faults, such as the Hayward or New­port-In­gle­wood.

Re­searchers also re­cently dis­cov­ered that the state has ex­pe­ri­enced 10 times more earthquake­s than pre­vi­ously known.

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