A mis­er­able DMV ex­pe­ri­ence

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Ed­i­tor: Have you been to the DMV lately? All of the fright­en­ing sto­ries you’ve been hear­ing are true and I am one of the vic­tims.

I fol­lowed all the rules but be­came one of the un­lucky ones who suf­fered the con­se­quences of an inat­ten­tive em­ployee. I made an on­line ap­point­ment, gath­ered all my pa­per­work in­clud­ing my vet­eran’s iden­ti­fi­ca­tion pa­per, and ar­rived for my ap­point­ment at the des­ig­nated time.

I com­pleted all the tests and my share of the pa­per­work. Then, af­ter wait­ing two months as my tem­po­rary li­cense ex­pired, I called DMV and was told to fax my re­ceipt as the block was never filled in that I passed the eye exam. Ex­plain­ing that I was born and raised here and have al­ways been re­quired to wear cor­rec­tive lenses, how could I con­ceiv­ably not pass the eye exam?

A week passed and I called the num­ber again only to be told I would have to re­turn to the DMV to get this straight­ened out, but this em­ployee just said I didn’t pass the exam. She wouldn’t even tell me her name when I asked and then pro­ceeded to hang up on me. So much for cus­tomer ser­vice.

Now I am won­der­ing, which is it? Or bet­ter yet, does it even mat­ter? My com­plain­ing about not want­ing to stand in line and al­ways sched­ul­ing an ap­point­ment on line went on deaf ears as I ex­plained that it would prob­a­bly be a month be­fore an on­line ap­point­ment could be made. Alas, I have de­cided to bite the bul­let and just get to the DMV and get this over with. This is not the Cal­i­for­nia I was raised in. ZACHARY SCOTT SR.


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