Reader agrees with pas­tor on abor­tion is­sue

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Pas­tor Frank Nolton’s views on abor­tion (in his re­cent let­ter) were lu­cid, ra­tio­nal ar­gu­ments based on science, real-time sta­tis­tics, com­mon sense and the love of life. That be­ing said, it will be met on the left with the usual hy­per­bole that life as we know it is doomed.

Since we will have more life with this stain upon this na­tion gone, I agree. I’ve never un­der­stood the word “re­pro­duc­tive rights” when con­nected to abor­tion. How­ever you de­scribe what’s grow­ing in a woman’s womb, the fact re­mains, it’s liv­ing. What is “re­pro­duc­tive” about killing what is liv­ing in a woman’s body? Ap­par­ently, there are no rights of the fa­ther and, most im­por­tantly, the right to life for the child.

The ex­treme left cry anti-abor­tion is un-con­sti­tu­tional yet as the Dec­la­ra­tion of In­de­pen­dence states, we “are en­dowed by their (our) Creator with cer­tain un­alien­able Rights, that among these are Life, Lib­erty and the pur­suit of Hap­pi­ness.” Ouch!

There’s that Creator thing again. The Con­sti­tu­tion does not negate that right to life. It means its God given and no gov­ern­ment can take it away ex­cept in cir­cum­stances af­ter birth in cases of mur­der, etc. At which point the left will de­fend the mur­derer to the hilt, push­ing aside the harm done to the vic­tims as noth­ing of value.

The rad­i­cal left treats preg­nancy as if it’s a disease or, worse yet, an in­con­ve­nience. Un­wanted, a fi­nan­cial bur­den the left cries. There are child­less cou­ples that would love to adopt with many more al­ter­na­tives for life than death. Abor­tion is no small op­er­a­tion and it’s as bru­tal as it comes plus it puts the woman’s health in jeop­ardy.

Con­cern­ing the let­ter with the bi­b­li­cal scholar Mr. Lowe. Read 2 Peter 3:8. In­ter­pre­ta­tion: God does not go by the Ju­lian cal­en­dar or any other. Find­ing hu­mans 800,000 years old is but a blink of an eye to the Lord and does not de­bunk the Bi­ble. Even the seven days of cre­ation in Ge­n­e­sis could en­tail mil­lions of years. The next verse says the Lord is “not will­ing that any should per­ish.” That would in­clude the in­no­cent un­born, you think? RON POR­TAL Lodi

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