No one knows ori­gin of but­ter­scotch

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Every­body knows but­ter­scotch, but no one knows where it came from. Ori­gins in Scot­land would ac­count for the “scotch” part of its name, but but­ter­scotch could just as well have come from Eng­land. As early as 1854, a candy im­porter in Chicago was ad­ver­tis­ing “Lon­don But­ter­scotch” candy “for the cure of coughs.” Then again, the idea of mix­ing hot but­ter and sugar with a dash of le­mon juice or vanilla might have oc­curred to cooks in other coun­tries even ear­lier. And aren’t you glad it did?

“I Want Candy” was a U.S. hit in 1982 for which pop group?

A) Bow Wow Wow

B) Du­ran Du­ran

C) Talk Talk

D) Wet Wet Wet

An­swer: Bow Wow Wow hit the U.S. charts with “I Want Candy” in 1982.

Pol­i­tics of ‘kan­ga­roo ticket’

A “kan­ga­roo ticket” refers to a pres­i­den­tial cam­paign in which the vice pres­i­den­tial nom­i­nee has more po­lit­i­cal clout — or kick — than the pres­i­den­tial nom­i­nee.

The ex­pres­sion might date to 1844, when James K. Polk was the Demo­cratic pres­i­den­tial nom­i­nee and New York Se­na­tor Si­las Wright was se­lected by the party as his run­ning mate. Crit­ics claimed that pair’s strength would be in its VP nom­i­nee — its hind legs (so to speak). Wright de­clined the nom­i­na­tion, and Polk won with­out him.

What’s the name for an in­fant mar­su­pial, such as a kan­ga­roo?

A) Joey

B) Kit

C) Phoebe

D) Pup

An­swer: In­fant mar­su­pi­als are known as joeys.

Hitch­cock im­i­tated paint­ings

The de­sign for Nor­man Bates’ house in Al­fred Hitch­cock’s “Psy­cho” came from a 1925 paint­ing by Ed­ward Hop­per called “House By the Rail­road.” (The real house that Hop­per painted is in Haver­straw, New York.) But that wasn’t the only in­stance of Hitch­cock’s film im­i­tat­ing Hop­per’s art. Paint­ings Hop­per made in New York City, such as “Night Win­dows” and “Room in New York,” in­spired the look and feel of Hitch­cock’s “Rear Win­dow.”

In what year did Mi­crosoft re­leased Win­dows 1.0?

A) 1965

B) 1975

C) 1985

D) 1995

An­swer: Mi­crosoft Win­dows 1.0 was re­leased in 1985.

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