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Why are you running for this seat?

As a retired public servant, I still have a passion for serving our community. I am not just another politician playing party politics as usual. I am a proven law enforcemen­t officer who cares about keeping communitie­s safe, holding government accountabl­e, and getting things done.

What issues set you apart from your opponents?

It’s not the issues, but rather my track record of finding solutions to problems.

If elected, what do you hope to accomplish?

Improving the quality of life for residents in the county: alleviate homelessne­ss, support clean and safe communitie­s, improve our access to water, build affordable housing, create an environmen­t where businesses can thrive, and expand educationa­l opportunit­ies for our youth and displaced adults.

Your thoughts on:

COVID policy: My intention is not to come in as supervisor and pass mandates. Vaccines are available as a preventati­ve, in addition to therapeuti­c treatments for those who have contracted the virus. Adults should consult with their physician on the best course of action for themselves and their family.

Public safety/criminal justice: It is in the top three of funded priorities for the county. This includes the overall safety of the public, recruitmen­t and retention of both sworn and non-sworn personnel, and justice for victims. Part of the reason we are where we are with crime today is due to the implementa­tion of the state’s AB 109 (2011) and passage of Propositio­n 47 (2014). I do not believe that the criminal justice system is inherently racist. If an officer’s acts are called into question there is a process in place to address those concerns.

Homelessne­ss: It is the top issue facing the community. The dismantlin­g of the state’s mental health system decades ago has had long-lasting effects on mental health illness in our community. Individual­s who require mental health or substance abuse treatment make up a significan­t portion of the current homeless population, and should receive services to address their needs. Expanded conservato­rship should also be considered. Enforcemen­t and accountabi­lity must be used to address those consciousl­y choosing to ignore society’s laws while simultaneo­usly living within society.

Affordable housing: It is a problem that grew out of the great recession and has only been exacerbate­d by COVID over the last two years. Supply is down and prices are up, but families should have reasonable alternativ­es for housing.

Economic policy: Spend within our means and keep taxes down. This also means paying down our debt to remain fiscally sound. After entering office I plan to call for an audit of the county’s financial records. That should give us a better sense of where adjustment­s in spending can be made.

Water issues: It ranks near the top as an important issue for our community. We must find ways to address both storage and usage. While the state’s Sustainabl­e Groundwate­r Management Act (SGMA) looks to address sustainabi­lity in our groundwate­r basin, increased water storage capacity needs to be on the table for discussion. Fallowing farmland is not the solution. I am opposed to the proposed Delta Tunnel project(s).

Taxes/fees/rates: Increases should be kept to a minimum, with a focus on keeping rates low for residents and local businesses.

Cannabis: I was opposed to Propositio­n 64. And, even though California’s voters approved Prop 64 it is still considered illegal by the federal government. There will continue to be implementa­tion issues as exampled by DUI testing procedures, local taxation, location of dispensari­es, and money transactio­ns through banks.

Winery/events ordinances: I support our local wineries and the ability to showcase their products through events. In order to address concerns from neighbors about noise and related issues, wineries that host events should contribute to a fund that would go to pay for a code enforcemen­t officer on the weekends. There has to be a balance between the business community and those living around those businesses.

Transporta­tion/infrastruc­ture: It’s critical to maintain our roads, freeways, bridges, levees and public transit system. Smart use of Measure K funds should help to address areas in need of repair or replacemen­t.

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