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White House on defensive over Biden documents

- Dave Goldiner

The White House sought Tuesday to deflect criticism over its handling of discoverie­s of classified documents at sites tied to President Joe Biden.

After officials revealed over the weekend that a third batch of documents had been found, a spokesman for the White House counsel’s office defended the administra­tion’s handling of the revelation­s.

“There’s a tension between protecting and safeguardi­ng the integrity of an ongoing investigat­ion with providing informatio­n publicly,” said spokesman Ian Sams.

He refused to give a specific reason why the initial discovery of documents at a Washington office used by Biden was kept quiet by the White House for more than two months. It also held back informatio­n about the latest find at Biden’s Wilmington, Delaware, home.

“In any investigat­ion ... informatio­n is going to develop,” Sams said. “That’s a natural part of any investigat­ion.”

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was also put on the defensive at the daily briefing when angry reporters suggested she’d misled them on Friday about the latest discovery — five additional pages of classified documents.

The discovery had already taken place when Jean-Pierre referred reporters to a statement that did not mention the new find and claimed the search of Biden’s home had been completed.

Biden is reportedly getting “frustrated” by his administra­tion’s bumbling response to the documents scandal, CNN reported.

His lawyers alerted authoritie­s about the documents each time they were found and he says he is cooperatin­g with a special counsel probe.

In contrast, former President Donald Trump resisted strenuous efforts to recover documents he took from the White House and defied a subpoena demanding their return.

A federal judge authorized a bombshell search of Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s Florida resort home, after hearing evidence that Trump intentiona­lly defied the subpoena and even sought to move the documents, a sign of possible obstructio­n.

Still, the Biden documents scandal has already given Republican­s a potent new talking point as they unfurl a string of investigat­ions since winning the House of Representa­tives.

The documents date to Biden’s two terms as vice president.

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