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Son moves out with no explanatio­n


Dear Annie:

I’m just heartbroke­n. My son moved out last year, and he never talked to me about anything before he moved. We were so close, and we always talked. But all of a sudden, he packed up and moved out with no explanatio­n. He had met someone a year prior to that. I met her for a second, and that was it. I do know where he is living but he doesn’t know that I know. He has a new baby boy; I don’t even know his name, yet he is my grandson. I know that he has two stepdaught­ers, but I don’t know their names either.

I kept trying to call him but get no response. Now his phone is disconnect­ed. I’m so lost and confused as well as upset. I miss him dearly.

He is my only child. He did a great job in school and had his own business after he graduated from high school. I am trying so hard to go on with my life, but it’s so hard not knowing how he is, or whether he is safe, healthy and happy. He was a very good kid, and now he’s a man. I just hope and pray that he will come around some day. — Mom Is Lost

Dear Mom Is Lost:

That stinks, Mom. I really feel for you. Your son has cut off communicat­ion with you for now, but remind yourself that this will not be forever. When and if he comes around, the most important thing to do is not get mad at him for ghosting you the way he did but rather to welcome him in with open arms. Give him lots of love, and at some point, he will explain why he left the way he did.

He might have been torn between wanting to grow up and be his own man while not wanting to hurt you and leave you alone. So instead of doing the mature thing and explaining all that to you, that he was leaving the nest, he just flew away in order to avoid a conflict or to deal with your hurt feelings.

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