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Tokay program deserved a better outcome


Editor: A couple of months ago the Tokay High girls varsity coach was let go. Without knowing too much in regards to the reason for the dismissal, I do know that this could and should have been avoided.

Having known this coach for many years, I can testify to his abilities as both a youth soccer coach, who not only knows the game very well, but has such compassion for his players on and off the field. His methods to prepare his players, both physically and mentally, may at times seem harsh to some but his motives to instill what hard work and commitment can accomplish would have been invaluable to his players as they grow up.

It was quite evident, that in the short time he had with them, that most of his players felt very comfortabl­e with his methods and his character; enough to be able to discuss other things going on in their life. Many kids these days have no one that they can talk to about certain issues, so having a coach that they liked and respected was really important. The program has gone down hill since his dismissal. This is not to say that the current coach is not doing a good job but he was thrown into this situation and I’m sure is doing the best he can. The Tokay sports department let a very good coach and person get away and only the girls are suffering for it.

It’s sad when grown-up egos get in the way of coming together and making decisions for the good of the school and the kids. This could have ended up better for all involved, and the Tokay AD

should have seen to it. TONY ODDO Lodi

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