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Repair, quicker rehab is more likely than Tommy John for 49ers QB Purdy


Hopes for a 49ers Super Bowl trip were all but dashed when Brock Purdy injured his throwing elbow early on in the conference title game against Philadelph­ia. Though Purdy will need surgery to repair his ulnar collateral ligament, the 49ers are optimistic that the rookie will be able to return to action come training camp at the end of July.

Purdy is still getting second medical opinions, but the consistent feedback is that the 23-year-old will likely need a repair and not a more invasive replacemen­t of his UCL, general manager John Lynch told reporters on Wednesday. However, a UCL replacemen­t, also known as Tommy John surgery, can’t be completely ruled out yet.

The ultimate decision will be made mid-operation when the surgeon can closely examine the ligament.

“The positive bit of news is that it seems to be consistent that the right approach is the one that takes us to the six-month mark,” Lynch said. “Everyone will also say, you never know once you get in there. Every surgeon will tell you that on every surgery, you need to get in to see exactly.”

Dr. Nirav Pandya, a pediatric orthopedic surgeon at UCSF, isn’t surprised by this diagnosis. That Purdy was gingerly throwing the football on the sideline — and later able to throw a handful of wobbly emergency passes once backup Josh Johnson left the game with a concussion — is a good indication that Purdy’s UCL is in decent shape despite the tear. Pandya said he would be shocked if surgeons determined that Purdy needed a UCL replacemen­t.

If Purdy undergoes a repair, he will likely be able to start throwing a ball again after three months and return to action after six months.

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