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California speaks a language I don’t understand

- JULIA HYDE Scotts Valley

Editor: After over 50 years since my last ticket or accident, my driver’s license has to be renewed again. Printed out the forms and mailed it with the check. It was returned, because I am over 70, I need to come in and take the vision and written test. Sounds like age discrimina­tion, but what do I know.

Went to the Lodi DMV to get a book to study for the test. Found out they have handbooks in other languages, but not English. Asked if they had them in Stockton or Jackson? Was told there are no English-printed books in all of California -- again discrimina­tion, I am really not making this up.

I was told I could go online and read the handbook there. Asked the lady what if I don’t have a computer? Simple she said, do you have a phone or know someone with one? Go online and read it in the screen. What happened to the idea of treating everyone equal? English is still supposed to be the official language in the entire United States, including California. I was told I could get someone to download it on a thumb drive and take it to Staples and they could print it for me. With the book being about 100 pages, I imagine that would be a pretty expensive handbook.

If they printed handbooks in only English, there would be a lawsuit, in the newspaper, on television, etc. People would raise the devil. Another couple told me in advance there were no English handbooks at the Lodi DMV. I

Suspend officers

Editor: My name is Julia Hyde. I am a former trauma nurse and now run a horse rescue nonprofit in Santa Cruz. I have seen more suffering than anyone should ever have to see. But I have to say that I have never seen such cruelty, abuse and sheer overreacti­on by so-called “Officers of the Peace” in their incompeten­t handling of the dog Enzo as shown in the video circulatin­g online. Given the recent spate of brutal police interactio­ns with the public the world is watching and it is not looking good for law enforcemen­t as a whole and neither is it looking good for the Lodi animal control officers, and police officers.

In addition, I watched your council meeting Wednesday evening on Zoom and was struck by the complete lack of any empathy of those in attendance. What stood out to me particular­ly was the body language of all the council members. Each and everyone of you looked disinteres­ted, bored, impatient, and displayed a distinct lack of humanity while at the same time praising the work your peace officers do. As elected officials, this is completely unacceptab­le and your inexperien­ce in matters such as these was evident throughout. Mikey Hothi, Lodi’s recently elected mayor should be, as this stage, seriously thinking about resigning his position based on his comments at yesterday’s meeting. As should other council members. You are all culpable.

With regard to the officers involved in this incident, ask yourselves, do you really want these clearly incompeten­t and brutal people representi­ng your city as officers of the law? I know I would not.

Please for the sake of the residents of Lodi, the animals of Lodi and the reputation of Lodi, please do what is right. By that I mean the immediate suspension.

thought they were just out at the time. Wrong, no English handbooks in the entire state of California, how stupid!

With younger people, who get everything online, this is no big deal. It is easier and quicker online. Yes, I have a cell phone, but I cannot imagine reading a 100-page handbook on it. Again, only in California.



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