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and 2018 for his roles in the investigat­ions unit, and will assume command of the Support Services Division on March 6.

Joshua Redding has been with the department since 2004, and was promoted to the rank of lieutenant.

During his nearly two decades in Lodi, Redding has been a K9 handler and member of the investigat­ions unit.

He has most recently served as the special investigat­ions supervisor, worked with the Mobile Field Force Team, is on the Use of Force Committee, and implemente­d the department’s mentorship program.

He was named the 2012 Officer of the Year Award in 2012 for his “selfless dedication and commitment to his co-workers.

Jordan Lado was promoted to sergeant on Jan. 23. Lado began his law enforcemen­t career nine years ago with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department as a deputy before joining Lodi in 2015.

Since that time, he has worked patrol and has been a detective for both special investigat­ions and AB109, probation enforcemen­t units.

Lado has also been a field training officer and an assistant team leader of the SWAT unit. He was promoted to corporal in 2021.

Alberto Perez was also promoted on Jan. 23, to the rank of corporal.

Beginning his career as a cadet, he was hired by the department in 2014.

Perez has held numerous positions including patrol, a detective for both the special and general investigat­ions units, a member of the bicycle unit, a cadet advisor, and a member of the Critical Incident Negotiatio­ns Team.

He has also been a member of the special enforcemen­t team, and a field training officer. Perez earned a citation in 2018 for his work with the investigat­ions unit.

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