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Meet three star­lets-on-the-make who are “bring­ing it” to binge-wor­thy TV this fall.

As a fresh fall tele­vi­sion sea­son gears up with the req­ui­site sea of up-and­com­ers look­ing to grab… well… your at­ten­tion, a trio of tal­ented young ac­tresses has al­ready ar­rived armed with that extra spe­cial in­gre­di­ent: buzz, baby.


Af­ter a break­out per­for­mance as Pamela Ad­lon’s of­ten dif­fi­cult el­dest daugh­ter on FX’s fan-fave dram­edy Bet­ter Things, the 17-year-old ac­tress re­turns with an even big­ger spot­light in Sea­son Two. @mikey­madi­son

Role play­ing: “Max is like her own real per­son. She’s not just the to­ken girl, or the to­ken ‘hot girl.’ She has flaws and in­ter­est­ing lit­tle things that all dif­fer­ent peo­ple have… I want peo­ple to look at Max, es­pe­cially girls, and be like, ‘Okay, I’ve been through this, I know what’s go­ing on now’—and maybe take some­thing away from that.” Her path into act­ing: “I was just painfully and to­tally shy, very re­served, and wor­ried about say­ing the wrong thing. But I also had this yearn­ing to ex­press my­self and not be afraid to

be sad or an­gry. I found that out­let through act­ing. I was al­lowed to feel all these emo­tions—then at the same time come home and not have to go through what the char­ac­ter’s go­ing through!” Hav­ing two shrinks for par­ents: “I used to be kind of re­sent­ful—like they were con­stantly psy­cho­an­a­lyz­ing me. Now I know that they were just try­ing to teach me to un­der­stand what I was feel­ing and go­ing through… Act­ing­wise, it’s helped me fig­ure out a char­ac­ter’s lit­tle twists and turns, and just get in their head more.” Why she LA: “I was raised here, so I’m very nos­tal­gic about Los Angeles. If I went any­where else, it wouldn’t feel like home. When I’m away and come back to the city, I’m like, ‘Okay, this is where I am sup­posed to be.’”


The 28-year-old star­let plays a young woman ven­tur­ing a tad too ea­gerly into the world of sex work in HBO’s The Deuce, writer-pro­ducer David Si­mon’s dark ex­plo­ration of New York’s 1970s-era de­scent into porn-fu­eled seed­i­ness. @need4meade The joys of be­ing bad: “My char­ac­ter is some­one who is look­ing for trou­ble, and thus far, she is pretty ex­cited about what she’s do­ing. She’s kind of a shitty, self­ish per­son, in a lot of ways—I don’t think she’s some­body who de­mands over­whelm­ing em­pa­thy and sym­pa­thy.

It’s al­most bizarre how will­ing to get her­self into trou­ble she is.” Warn­ing! Adult con­tent: “I said, ‘Yeah, what­ever—so what? I’ve done dark things be­fore.’ I don’t have that fear of, ‘Oh no, where will I go that I can’t come back from?’ But un­til you’re ac­tu­ally there on the cold streets at night sur­rounded by peo­ple who look like scary pimps in this dark, dream-like world… Hmm… I re­mem­ber dur­ing the pi­lot think­ing, ‘Holy moly— what did I get my­self into?’ But like any­thing, you grow a com­fort zone within it.” On hold­ing off on fame un­til age 18: “I was like, ‘Okay, I’m ready. I’m an adult. Get me out there! I want to win an Os­car by 22!’ But I do feel like once you reach a cer­tain level of fame, you stop ex­pe­ri­enc­ing life in the way that every­body else—the char­ac­ters you’re play­ing—ex­pe­ri­ence it. I’ve been in­sanely grate­ful to not only get to work through my demons and have my pri­vacy, but also just gain more and more life ex­pe­ri­ence as a ci­ti­zen of the world.” Why she

LA: “Grow­ing up in New York, you’re kind of taught you’re not sup­posed to like it here! But I al­ways liked to go to LA as a re­set. When my life got murky or con­fus­ing, I would go to LA and it al­ways cleared me out of a lot of the tur­moil in­side. I love it. In Los Angeles, even if you’re re­ally hun­gover, you can just go for a hike and, hey… feel bet­ter!”


The 18-year-old ac­tress-cum­mu­si­cian snatched a plumb role in Mar­vel’s Run­aways, Hulu’s en­try into the su­per­hero series, as the snarky, pur­ple-haired young cru­sader Gert Yorkes, a fan fa­vorite from the comic book. @ariela.barer

Build­ing “char­ac­ter”: “When this op­por­tu­nity came up, I was like, ‘Oh my God!’ Just be­ing a part of the coolest, first-ever teenage team to be in the ‘Mar­vel Cin­e­matic Uni­verse’—it’s just a dream… It’s a lit­tle ridicu­lous how sim­i­lar Gert and I are. Her kind of so­cial jus­tice is ex­actly the sort of thing I’ve been pas­sion­ate about since I was her age. We share a fiery pas­sion for want­ing a bet­ter world.” Hero­ine chick!: “It was our first time do­ing any su­per­herotype stuff re­cently, and I’m like, ‘Oh man, I’ve got to get in shape! I’m hav­ing trou­ble just run­ning.’ I don’t want to sell my­self as some­one who is, like, to­tally out of shape, who just sits at home all day. But then… I kind of just sit at home all day some­times.” Act­ing up: “One of my ear­li­est mem­o­ries is be­ing 4 and ask­ing for an agent, and my par­ents be­ing like, ‘What the hell?’

They put me in the­ater groups, be­cause they were like, ‘No way we’re let­ting our 4-year-old act!’ They were so afraid of the stage­par­ent thing—‘school is al­ways first!’ This is re­ally the first year I’ve been able to dive in as much as I’ve al­ways wanted to. And it’s been, of course, the best thing!” Why she LA: “Ev­ery­one just has com­pletely dif­fer­ent nar­ra­tives and view­points that they bring to the ta­ble here. You find peo­ple with in­cred­i­ble sto­ries and in­cred­i­ble ways of telling them through dif­fer­ent art forms. In LA, I never feel like I’m go­ing to fall into some mun­dane, bor­ing pat­tern.”


—ariela barer

“MY CHAR­AC­TER ISSOME­ONE LOOK­INGFOR TROU­BLE... I RE­MEM­BER DUR­ING THE PI­LOT THINK­ING, ‘HOLY MOLY—WHAT DIDI GET MY­SELF INTO?’”—emily meadeThe Deuce’s Emily Meade,pho­tographed at The Spa­niard in New York City in a Flynn dress, $595, by Cinq à Sept at Nord­strom, The Grove; Douce du Desert pump, $895, at Chris­tian Louboutin; sil­ver Pipe ring, $215, by Jen­nifer Fisher at Bar­neys NewYork, Bev­erly Hills.

Mar­vel’s Run­aways’ Ariela Barer, pho­tographed at home in LA.

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