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Freeway fire highlights risks


Re “‘ We ran for our lives,’ ” July18

Fortunatel­y, the terrifying blaze lastweek in the Cajon Pass that destroyed homes and cars on the 15 Freeway did not kill anyone. People were able to flee their vehicles and the freeway inferno.

But what if a fire had occurred in the Sepulveda Pass, where massive retaining and sound-dampening walls have been built on either side of the 405 Freeway? In parts of the Sepulveda Pass, there is no way to get off the freeway in a deadly fire or an earthquake. The situation is extremely dangerous, as we saw from the wreckage left by the Cajon inferno.

Those of us who live in the Sepulveda Pass area have taken issue with these sound walls that create an acoustical amplificat­ion of freeway noise day and night and have made our once bucolic hillside homes almost unlivable. Driving through the once scenic pass, we now feel like so many rats in a maze.

Nowwe have another terrifying issue to contend with. How do we escape?

Francine Oschin


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