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A fresh look at Richard Nixon


Re “Nixon— upbeat sweetheart,” Opinion, July17

It’s kind of funny that 21 years after Richard Nixon’s death, someone has finally figured out that hewas probably not completely encased in evil. Andthat he was rather like countless others who never felt good enough to belong with the swells, and then spent their considerab­le energies and smarts on devising ways to destroy those swells while still trying to rank with the best of those swells.

One has to wonder what the clearly intelligen­t Nixon might have achieved had he not felt so povertystr­icken, oddly nosed, poorly educated and stricken for eternity by a bad applicatio­n of Lazy Shave.

In this case ( sadly), no tapes or deleted expletives will ever tell that story.

Mary Stanik

St. Paul, Minn.

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