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A personalit­y not suited to politics


Re “The Trump lesson,” Opinion, July 21

I cannot dispute Jonah Goldberg’s point about the importance of “personalit­y” in our elected officials and president hopefuls, and I have to admit that I actually agree with his premise. Having said that, doesn’t he think comparing the personalit­ies of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton (in addition to Jeb Bush) in any way is a bit of a stretch?

While Clinton will never win an award on charisma and truly makes the very mechanical, former Sen. and Vice President Al Gore seem like Hollywood material, she has a lifetime record of selfless public service.

Conversely, Donald Trump is arguably the most egotistica­l human being on the planet. Additional­ly, and of paramount importance, Trump is so selfabsorb­ed, he cannot ever take off his myopic glasses that serve only to fulfill his financial and egoistical desires.

To affirm Goldberg’s point, personalit­y does in fact trump brand, and I will choose to support a personalit­y that cares about helping other people over a very insecure personalit­y that serves only himself to the highest degree possible and then some.

John Buch Hermosa Beach

Interestin­g that Goldberg is critical of Trump because of his personalit­y. He writes nothing about his bigotry, nothing about his ability to distort facts, nothing about his birther stance, and nothing about his policies. One has to wonder if this is because Goldberg might agree with Trump on the issues.

The fact is that Trump is the lead clown in a field of clowns, and, like any clown show, it gets boring very quickly.

Michael Cohen Honolulu

If Trumpmania succeeds, the Republican­s will have to form a third party.

Mel Horowitz Los Angeles

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