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Catherine Opie: In the Arts & Books section elsewhere in this edition, a caption for two photos that accompanie­d an article about photograph­er Catherine Opie implies that a photo of Opie is a self-portrait and that the image is part of a Hammer Museum exhibition. As the photo credit indicates, the photo of Opie was taken by Times photograph­er Francine Orr. It is not part of the exhibition. The second photo, of John Baldessari, is Opie’s work and is part of the exhibit. The error was discovered after the section had gone to press.

Hot neighborho­ods: In the Jan. 17 Business section, a caption that appeared with an article about Los Angeles County neighborho­ods said real estate prices rose 9.6% in Toluca Lake. As the article

reported, prices rose 19.6%.

Meiji Tofu: An article in the Jan. 17 Business section about Koki Sato, president of Meiji Tofu, said the tofu maker’s soy milk is used in the dairy-free ice cream sold at Sweet Rose Creamery’s four locations in Los Angeles. There are five locations. If you believe that we have made an error, or you have questions about The Times’ journalist­ic standards and practices, you may contact Deirdre Edgar, readers’ representa­tive, by email at readers.representa­tive @latimes.com, by phone at (877) 554-4000, by fax at (213) 237-3535 or by mail at 202 W. 1st St., Los Angeles, CA 90012. The readers’ representa­tive office is online at latimes.com/ readersrep.

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