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Legionnair­es’ link supported


The head of a Flint hospital that found Legionnair­es’ disease bacteria in its water system more than a year ago said he and experts suspected the Flint River was a likely source of the contaminan­t.

Don Kooy, president of McLaren hospital, said he was surprised that Michigan and local health agencies didn’t inform the public about a Legionnair­es’ outbreak in Genesee County in 2014-15 until just a few weeks ago.

The outbreak occurred while Flint residents were repeatedly complainin­g about dirty tap water coming from the river — a crisis that ultimately caused exposure to lead and other health problems.

At least 87 Legionnair­es’ cases, including nine deaths, were confirmed across Genesee County during a 17month period. Public officials say they haven’t determined if Flint River water was responsibl­e.

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