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Palin’s latest dig at Obama


Re “Palin links her son’s troubles to Obama’s care for veterans,” Jan. 22

How convenient and hypocritic­al of Sarah Palin to try to lay her son’s problems at the president’s feet. It’s not the mother’s fault that her children are behaving bizarrely; it’s Barack Obama’s.

Is this the same person who used to preach family values, strength of the family, responsibi­lity and self-reliance? And was it Obama who brought us the chaos in the Middle East, which her son was exposed to?

No, that would be his predecesso­r, George W. Bush.

Mike Greene


There is no disputing the fact that we do not and can never do enough for our veterans. However, those of privilege who do not take responsibi­lity by providing appropriat­e care for loved ones suffering the consequenc­es of war (particular­ly those enduring post-traumatic stress disorder) and then blame our government for the lack of care should be ashamed.

Moreover, that a person apparently suffering from the effects of going to war was allowed to have access to an assault rifle (he reportedly threatened to kill himself with one) is reckless and unconscion­able. Babette Wilk

Valley Village

It took me less then a minute to find out that Track Palin was deployed for one year under President Bush, the one who invaded Iraq.

What kind of reporting doesn’t include this informatio­n? Because it would’ve been nice to include it in your article as well as the fact that many veterans groups have come out saying that PTSD is not related to wife beating and spousal abuse and are disavowing her insinuatio­n. Michael Cohen

Studio City

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