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Young feminists and Clinton


Re “Feminists, back off Clinton,” Opinion, Jan. 21

Kudos to Meghan Daum for taking to task millennial-cum-potential “fourth wavers” for their dismissal of Democratic presidenti­al candidate Hillary Clinton as “too mainstream.”

The fact she may seem so is evidence of the success that we of the “second wave” achieved. Instead of dishonorin­g their foremother­s, millennial feminists might take a page from our book when we honored ours, the suffragett­es.

These people should educate themselves and take a women’s history course. Last time I looked, equal pay for equal work has not become “mainstream.” Instead of criticizin­g, get busy organizing.

You’re welcome.

Sandee Mirell


Why is the left so willing to overlook and mischaract­erize Bill Clinton’s exploitive and aggressive behavior toward women? Bill Clinton is not just a womanizer; he is a sexual predator.

Why would any selfrespec­ting woman or feminist want him back in the White House? Patricia Doyle

San Gabriel

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