Los Angeles Times

Grim forecast on climate change

Re “After hottest year on record, it may get worse,” Jan. 21


The Times’ front-page headline should have read, “It will get worse.” Not that anyone in public- or private-sector America seems to know or care, as evidenced by a couple of other stories in the paper.

As climate change ravages Earth’s natural systems, we need to protect and regenerate as many of our planet’s land and ocean ecosystems as possible. But the article next to the “hottest year” report informs us that the California Coastal Commission is tilting toward developers who will preserve their bottom line, not the coastline and its features and creatures.

Fighting climate change also demands the most rapid possible rollout of renewable energy systems. But this will not happen if California utilities have their way, since, as another headline tells us, the utilities are pushing a solar energy pricing plan that “is more expensive for solar users.”

Just another day of news that is full of (climate) change — but not a lot of hope. Gregory Wright

Sherman Oaks

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