Los Angeles Times

We all pay for city wrongdoing


Re “L.A. to pay $24 million for wrongful conviction­s,” Jan. 20

No, L.A. has not spent $24 million reimbursin­g people who were wrongfully convicted of crimes and sentenced to prison. You and I have spent $24 million.

This is my property tax money. My sales tax money. And yours. This is money that should have been spent on roads, rotting sewer systems and other critical infrastruc­ture.

This money should not be coming out of our tax dollars. It should be coming out of salaries of the people who caused these wrongful conviction­s. Perhaps that would stop this.

It is your money and mine, our tax dollars, not Los Angeles’. Just remember every time these penalties are paid by the government, you pay. And it has got to stop.

M.B. Nachman


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