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Coming Monday

It looks like the schematic for a new theme park ride: plummet from a lofty height through stomachchu­rning twists. Unfortunat­ely, it’s a chart of the Dow Jones industrial average this month. The Business section checks in with experts to see how all this tumult could affect various U.S. industries.

Apple will post earnings

Apple will report earnings Tuesday for its holiday quarter, having already teased investors with reports of surging sales at Christmas. The tech giant announced a record $1.1 billion in App Store sales in the two weeks that ended Jan. 3. Still, like other tech companies, Apple has been jolted by news of instabilit­y in China, one of its biggest growth drivers, causing its share price to suffer.

Fed officials to hold meeting

The Federal Reserve’s policymaki­ng committee concludes a two-day meeting Wednesday. Analysts do not expect another interest rate hike, given recent market volatility and the Fed’s promise to move slowly in raising the benchmark federal funds rate. But off icials could signal whether another rate hike is coming after their March meeting should the economy hold up.

Vote likely on solar pricing

The California Public Utilities Commission is expected to vote Thursday on pricing rules for solar customers. New ones would face a onetime fee for connection to the grid that might range from $75 to $150. All solar customers also would pay a fee of 2 cents to 3 cents per kilowatt-hour for electricit­y drawn from the grid. Major utilities say the plan is too generous to the solar industry.

Screen Actors Guild Awards

Voting for the 22nd annual Screen Actors Guild Awards closes Friday and the winners will be announced Saturday night at the Shrine Exposition Center. A total of 234 actors have been nominated for this year’s awards in 15 categories involving motion pictures, television and stunts. In the film categories, the SAG awards are considered a leading indicator of who will get an Oscar.

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