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- — Chris Barton

‘Making a Murderer’ :In the future, everyone convicted of a crime under suspicious circumstan­ces will be the subject of a wildly popular (if plodding and overlong) documentar­y — if the accused is lucky, anyway. Not to diminish the circumstan­ces surroundin­g the controvers­ial case of Steven Avery, but there’s something off-putting about a national obsession erupting around a case that has been, for want of a better way of putting it, edited for television. Reunion fever: Just as Hollywood is addicted to franchises, the music industry has an increasing addiction to nostalgia with high-profile reunion tours becoming the standard move, even in previously more outsider genres such as metal, hip-hop and indie rock. Don’t firmly broken-up acts such as the never-and-please-stop-asking Led Zeppelin and the Smiths grow in stature for existing solely in one specific time?

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