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Pouch is a good call

- — Judi Dash

What if you really love those super-tough protective cases for cellphones — few of which include integrated slots to hold credit cards or ID? Just stick on a Sinjimoru Sinji Pouch and you’re good to go. The kangaroo pouch is made of an elastic fabric attached to a hard backing that sticks to your phone case (or the phone itself, if you choose) with strong adhesive tape. Just peel off the adhesive backing, align the pouch on your case, press down firmly, and give it awhile to settle. The pouch opening is about half an inch below the top of the backing, so cards are visible and easy to grab. How many cards can it hold? The manufactur­er says up to 10, but I’ve found the ideal number to be about four. The Sinji Pouch comes in a range of colors and in several iterations, although the Basic 3 (or B3) is the newest version. Sinjimoru Sinji Pouch is about $10. Info at www.sinjimoru.com.

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