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Some Medicare supplement insurance plans will cover cruise ship claims if the visit was an emergency [Letters, June 10 and 17]. Many claims are denied because people just don’t know how to file them. I know because I used to reject those claims at a health insurance company.

Get an itemized bill from the doctor before you leave the ship. A copy of the cruise ship statements or credit card receipts are not itemized. The bill should consist of a diagnosis (reason of the visit), procedure (what treatment was given) and the name of oral or injection drugs. They all should be priced individual­ly, with the name of the doctor and license or ID number. YUKO HAHN Santa Clarita

Many people do not know that Medicare never covers you when you travel out of the country. Note that some HMO Medicare Advantage plans will cover up to $50,000 in case of emergency or urgent care. KATHRYN ROUSH Granada Hills

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