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Parade has celebrated comedy for 75 years. Greats including Harpo Marx, Bob Hope, Phyllis Diller, Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Chris Rock, Ellen DeGeneres, Jerry Seinfeld, Robin Williams and Amy Poehler have graced our covers, and many others have contribute­d jokes to our “My Favorite Jokes” section. Here’s a sampling from some of the most beloved funny folks of all time. — M.B. Roberts “Irate husband to his wife who takes a notoriousl­y long time to dress: ‘How soon will you be ready, darling?… Be specific… give me a date.’”

—Red Skelton, Sept. 11, 1960 “Benjamin Franklin may have discovered electricit­y, but the man who invented the meter made all the money.”

—Johnny Carson, April 26, 1964 “I never got any respect from my old man. I said, ‘Nobody likes me.’ He said, ‘Don’t feel that way. Everybody hasn’t met you yet.’”

—Rodney Dangerfiel­d, July 4, 1976

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