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Bay Area jail escapee captured

Man was hiding in sister’s attic when he fell through ceiling.

- By Joseph Serna joseph.serna@latimes.com

An escapee from a Santa Clara County jail was captured by U.S. marshals Tuesday evening when his attic-space hiding place collapsed and sent him crashing to the f loor as authoritie­s searched his sister’s home, according to officials.

Laron Campbell, 26, was taken into custody nearly a week after he sawed his way out of jail; a second escapee remains at large.

Santa Clara County Undersheri­ff Carl Neusel said Wednesday that Campbell’s sister, Marcaysha Alexander, 24, also was taken into custody and booked on suspicion of harboring a fugitive.

A tip led law enforcemen­t to the area where Campbell was hiding, and authoritie­s obtained a warrant to search the home, Neusel said.

Law enforcemen­t officers are continuing to search for another escapee, Rogelio Chavez, 33.

Campbell and Chavez, along with two other inmates, broke out of Santa Clara County Main Jail North on the night of Nov. 23. The group had cut through bars covering a second-story window and rappelled to freedom using bedsheets and clothing. The other two prisoners were captured quickly, while a manhunt was launched for Campbell and Chavez.

A woman was arrested earlier this week in connection with Chavez’s escape.

Campbell and Chavez were being held on charges of burglary, extortion, false imprisonme­nt and other crimes, and both face possible life sentences if convicted. Chavez had been in jail since August and Campbell since early 2015.

On Wednesday, Neusel said authoritie­s were “narrowing the locations” where Chavez might be.

Although the circumstan­ces of the escape are under investigat­ion, preliminar­y findings revealed that jail staff committed “no significan­t policy violations,” Neusel said.

He noted that the jail is aging, very noisy and occasional­ly leaky. Neusel said deputies are “eagerly” awaiting the constructi­on of a new facility approved by the county Board of Supervisor­s. Cameras that would have recorded the men’s escape are also on the horizon, he said.

The jail has been under intense scrutiny since the death of Michael Tyree, a mentally ill inmate who was found dead in his cell last year. Three deputies were arrested in connection with his death.

 ?? Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office ?? LARON CAMPBELL, the recaptured escapee.
Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office LARON CAMPBELL, the recaptured escapee.
 ?? Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office ?? MARCAYSHA ALEXANDER,his sister.
Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office MARCAYSHA ALEXANDER,his sister.

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