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Avalon Emerson

- — August Brown

“Narcissus in Retrograde”

(Spectral Sound)

Avant-garde techno rarely yields crossover superstars, but Avalon Emerson may become one soon. The young Berlin-viaSan Francisco producer (and computer-coding autodidact) just released a breakthrou­gh EP, “Narcissus in Retrograde.” It takes simple tools — pulse-quickening sub-bass, melancholy synth chords — and wrings more emotion and “what-the heck-was-that” moments than most producers find in a year of singles.

Her work is catchy enough for big stages, but with its thoughtful virtuosity and rejection of tech-bro sterility, it’s political enough to stand firm in these darkening times.

 ?? Spectral Sound ?? “NARCISSUS” is both thoughtful and catchy.
Spectral Sound “NARCISSUS” is both thoughtful and catchy.

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