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A Colorado town goes for Trump


Re “Democratic bastion for Trump, with no regrets,” April 28

My wife, her parents and siblings moved to California 60 years ago from Pueblo, Colo., the former Democratic bastion that’s now home to many proud supporters of President Trump. My wife’s father was looking for better employment and found it in aerospace work.

I visited Pueblo 50 years ago for the first time, and I thought it was a depressing town. I was there three years ago, and the town hasn’t changed.

You can live cheaply in Pueblo, and houses are inexpensiv­e. The government has tried to make improvemen­ts, but the town’s ills go back decades. The residents can blame the North American Free Trade Agreement and President Obama, but the fact is the town has been dying for a very long time. Michael Hoevel Oxnard

It is utterly pointless to waste time interviewi­ng Trump voters. No one likes to admit that they’ve been had by a clever con-artist. Any good police detective will tell you that.

Also, these voters have no reason to pay attention to all the horrible things their leader has done. They might see a negative headline online or in their local paper, but they will just pass that up on the way to the sports page.

Why don’t you go and interview the many more Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders voters? See how many of them regret not voting for Trump. John Kwiatkowsk­i Los Angeles

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