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Trump’s extreme tax makeover


Re “Trump’s tax-cut fantasy,” Opinion, April 28

Yes, it defies comprehens­ion for President Trump to tout tax cuts that would so overwhelmi­ngly favor his wealthy patrons (and himself ) as to devastate the public. But don’t dismiss his outrageous proposal as mere cynical grandstand­ing.

Keep in mind Trump’s ultimate motive: As a self-styled consummate deal-maker, he has “highballed” his tax-cut proposals. In truth, he’s aiming at more modest cuts. But by initially pushing such unrealisti­cally steep cuts, he creates bargaining space.

Trump soon enough will effect a willingnes­s on the part of Congress to negotiate, and meeting the opposition halfway would yield the deal he wanted from the outset. It’s time to re-title his book: “The Art of the Scam.” Christine Hagel Orcutt, Calif.

If, as seems likely, the gap between the poorest and the wealthiest in this country persists or even grows, it must follow that those at the top will have to pay an increasing share of their income in federal taxes to maintain any quality of life for those less fortunate.

Reducing taxes for the wealthy or eliminatin­g the inheritanc­e tax not only would exacerbate this situation, but also increase the national debt. Donald J. Loundy Simi Valley

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