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GOP bravery on climate change


Re “Unlikely ally in climate change battle,” April 28

Assembly Republican leader Chad Mayes’ (Yucca Valley) leadership on climate change is the best news in weeks. When Republican­s in the largest state speak up and support measures that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, it’s a clear sign that California­ns of all political persuasion­s are not accepting the environmen­tal rollbacks and rhetoric coming from Washington.

Bipartisan leadership on climate initiative­s can protect California­ns and preserve our state’s most precious resources for generation­s. People may not always agree on the best approach, but discussing difference­s in policy philosophy toward a shared end is a big step up from denying the wellestabl­ished science that humans are causing our planet’s climate to warm dangerousl­y.

The Union of Concerned Scientists hopes this will inspire Republican leaders in other states. Every day California proves you don’t have to choose between a cleaner environmen­t and a robust economy. We can have both. Adrienne Alvord Oakland The writer is the California and Western State Director at the Union of Concerned Scientists.

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