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James Baldwin’s words remain powerful force

- By Noel Murray Special features: A short documentar­y about Hope’s USO service during WWII. calendar@latimes.com

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One of the most popular documentar­ies to hit arthouse theaters in years, Raoul Peck’s provocativ­e, probing work turns an abandoned James Baldwin writing project into a far-reaching essay about the history of American race relations.

With Samuel L. Jackson narrating the late author’s essays and letters, the film jumps around from Balwin’s thoughts on the deaths of Medgar Evers, Malcolm X and the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. to his memories of growing up in — and eventually fleeing — a country with which he had a complicate­d, love-hate relationsh­ip.

Foot-age from ’60s civil rights marches and modern Black Lives Matter protests help illustrate both Baldwin’s and Peck’s ideas, in a movie that’s experiment­al and accessible — entertaini­ng and challengin­g.

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First-time feature filmmaker Sudhanshu Saria takes a couple of fresh approaches to a gay romantic drama with this movie about two old friends — and occasional lovers — who reunite for an awkward rendezvous, in both a mountain resort and an upscale urban hotel.

Set mostly in India, where homosexual­ity isn’t exactly widely accepted, the film stars Shiv Pandit as an ambitious young businessma­n who lives in New York City and Dhruv Ganesh as a Mumbai musician who spurns his boyfriend to reconnect with his now-distant pal.

The pacing is too choppy, and the dynamic between the workaholic yuppie and the flighty artist is a little stock, but the scenery is beautiful, and Saria has a nuanced understand­ing of how our oldest relationsh­ips are sometimes the hardest to sustain.

TV set of the week Bob Hope Salutes the Troops Time-Life DVD, $29.95

For decades, comedian Bob Hope starred in periodic TV specials for NBC, including near-annual Christmas shows where he’d bring celebritie­s and USO performers to entertain American fighting men and women overseas.

The three-DVD set “Bob Hope Salutes the Troops” compiles six of those holiday extravagan­zas, originally broadcast in the ’60, ’70s and ’90s, spanning wars both popular and unpopular. Guests range from AnnMargret to Ann Jillian, with popular athletes like Roman Gabriel and Vida Blue dropping by to lift morale.

 ?? Bob Adelman Magnolia Pictures ?? RAOUL PECK’S Oscarnomin­ated “I Am Not Your Negro” is a potent exploratio­n of James Baldwin.
Bob Adelman Magnolia Pictures RAOUL PECK’S Oscarnomin­ated “I Am Not Your Negro” is a potent exploratio­n of James Baldwin.

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