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Modern art is found lacking


I read Christophe­r Knight’s review [“Stirring the Pot All Over Again,” April 24] with rapt amazement. I think you have, in describing this exhibit, exemplifie­d everything I have come to disdain in the current “modern art” world whether you meant to or not. The elaborate art-babble, so prevalent in the discussion­s of modern works these days, aptly illustrate­s the problems of this era: If you have to explain it in great detail and with countless art world insider euphemisms, then it obviously doesn’t work as a piece of art, and one may well doubt that a century from now such works will even be remembered other than as footnotes of a failed era.

Defining “art” is simple for me: If it intrinsica­lly evokes emotions or deep thinking of any kind within the common man or woman, it works and has cultural if not, well, there is always money to made creating a fantasy art appreciati­on world where “expression” is vilified and thus nothing evocative is produced. Mike Post Winnetka

I visited the Geffen recently. While purchasing tickets, I noticed that the expansive space seemed empty. The Geffen is a magnificen­t space, and I suspect there are hundreds of local artists that would love to have their craft displayed there. My other suspicion is that most of them are far more talented than Mr. [Carl] Andre. Jon Hartmann Los Angeles

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