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“Seed: The Untold Story” on PBS:

With the world struggling to navigate a crisis on seemingly every front, dedicating another hour to learn of another isn’t an easy propositio­n. That said, when the issue involves our food supply and roughly 94% of seed supplies vanishing in the wake of geneticall­y modified, corporate-owned varietals that are less resistant to disease, attention must be paid. “Seed” offers a grim look at a disaster in the making, but its lingering message remains hopeful in examining the characters dedicated to protecting our agricultur­al diversity and, to an extent, a 12,000-yearold legacy of civilizati­on.

Ross Hammond’s “Follow Your Heart”:

A restless, road-tested artist who has spent more than 10 years of exploring and improvisin­g with the likes of L.A. favorites Vinny Golia and Alex Cline, this Sacramento­based guitarist has dedicated his career to navigating various tributarie­s of jazz and unclassifi­able music. For his latest recording, Hammond is backed by the reverberat­ions of a more than 100-year-old church, taking the rich, ringing tones of six- and 12-string guitars through an improvised, intimate journey to where the acoustic Americana of John Fahey meets the spiritual. (Hammond performs at ETA in Highland Park at 9 p.m. Sunday.)

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