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Global warm­ing: In the Oct. 9 Sec­tion A, an ar­ti­cle about a cli­mate change re­port from a United Na­tions group in­cluded a chart show­ing var­i­ous risks de­pend­ing on how much global tem­per­a­tures in­crease above pre-in­dus­trial lev­els. The range of tem­per­a­ture in­creases should have been from 0° to 4.5° Fahren­heit, not 0° to 36.5°. A pre­vi­ous For the Record item pub­lished Oct. 10 er­ro­neously said the range should have been from 32° to 36.5°.

Play ti­tle: In the Oct. 12 Cal­en­dar sec­tion, a photo cap­tion ac­com­pa­ny­ing the 99-Seat Beat col­umn iden­ti­fied a play as “Johnny Get Your Gun.” It is “Johnny Got His Gun.”

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