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Venice’s ugly, uncaring side


Re “Jeering the mayor in Venice,” Oct. 24

The raucous mob that shouted down Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, Police Chief Michel Moore and Councilman Mike Bonin at the town hall meeting in Venice last week does not accurately reflect this community.

The people who loudly protested the proposed bridge housing project for homeless people were part of a group organized and funded by the Venice Stakeholde­rs Assn., which places the rights of property owners over the good of the community. In the past the group has railed against Venice-based outreach charities such as St. Joseph Center and Venice Community Housing; now, it is targeting this project.

Venice has a long history of caring for those less fortunate. Please don’t let the angriest and loudest minority destroy Venice’s tradition of humanitari­anism. Robert Hughes


Kudos to Garcetti for staying the full time at the Venice town hall. Boos to him for failing to understand.

There is no “homeless” problem. Instead there are mentally ill people listlessly wandering the streets in rags. There are drug-addled screamers raging at life day and night. There are “street people” who accept money and services from our government but have no intention of ever working.

This cannot be solved with temporary shelters. Jon Johannesse­n


I have lived near Venice most of my 70-year life, and I can say the old Metropolit­an Transporta­tion Authority bus yard is the best place to build the interim homeless housing project.

When that opens, the area’s homeless residents will no longer be defecating in the neighborho­od streets and yards, but in their own toilets. Jacquie Nemor

Santa Monica

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