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This pumpkin is more chic than shriek


WHAT YOU’LL NEED Faux craft-store pumpkin (or you can go with the real thing) Scissors Thick or braided yarn in different colors (or a single, multicolor­ed yarn) Glue gun (optional)


1. Choose yarn color to wrap the stem. Begin wrapping the stem from the bottom up. You may want to add a bit of hot glue at the bottom to hold it, or you can tie the end.

2. When you get to the top of the stem, wind the yarn back down to the bottom and cut it from the skein, allowing enough yarn to tuck under or tie off the end.

3. To make the unicorn tail, use the flat, open palm of your hand and wrap the yarn around and around to desired thickness. (More yarn makes a fuller tail.) Cut the end of the yarn when you have reached desired thickness for that color. Gently remove the yarn loop from your hand and set aside (keep the loop shape!).

4. Repeat the hand-wrapped yarn looping process for each color you want to include.

5. Next, cut a long strand of yarn and thread it through all of the different multicolor­ed loops.

6. Tie the yarn tightly to pull all the loops together.

7. Once the loops are secured, use the long piece of yarn to tie the loops onto the bottom of the pumpkin stem.

8. After the yarn is tied off and tucked under, or hot-glued down, use the scissors to cut the bottoms of all the looped yarn to create a unicorn tail. Trim the tail strands as necessary.

9. Feel free to draw in a face, etc. Happy Halloween!

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