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It’s that time of year when we celebrate the holidays and end up with a hangover. ¶ We asked nutritioni­st Frances Largeman-Roth for tips to avoid such a rude awakening. Her first suggestion? Limit yourself to just one alcoholic drink. (Yeah, we don’t like that advice, either. ) Anything more contribute­s to that hangover, she said. ¶ Mixed drinks with multiple types of alcohol, or sugary add-ons, also leads to excess calories and that hangover feeling. If you suspect you might have more than one drink on New Year’s Eve, here are a few brands we found that might help sidestep hangovers. And if you’re the designated driver, we have a nonalcohol­ic option so you can still join the festivitie­s.

Organic kombucha

Three friends from Ocean Beach in San Diego launched Boochcraft to create an organic 7% ABV kombucha with ingredient­s sourced mainly from local farms. The non-GMO and organic drinks are made in seasonal f lavors in addition to four core varieties that include Apple Lime Jasmine and Grapefruit Hibiscus Heather. Boochcraft komcucha is available at Whole Foods Market and BevMo! for about $7.99 per 22ounce bottle. The brand supports projects that improve access to organic food and educate people about climate change. Info: boochcraft.com

A wine with fewer carbs

Two friends who are passionate about maintainin­g an active lifestyle founded FitVine to craft wines with less sugar and fewer calories without sacrificin­g f lavor. Most of their wines can be found locally at Whole Foods, and most sell for less than $20. FitVine wines also go through an extended fermentati­on process to cut sulfites, which might contribute to headaches for some imbibers. The line includes Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Prosecco. New: A “rich, bold, powerful” holiday red, $23.99. Info: fitvinewin­e.com

Something special for the DD

Laura Taylor created Mingle Mocktails to offer something special for the heroes of any party — the designated drivers — and those abstaining from alcohol. These mocktails have fewer calories and are lightly sweetened with organic cane sugar and natural fruit extracts than typical celebrator­y beverages. There are four f lavors: Cranberry Cosmo, Melon Mojito, Blackberry Hibiscus Bellini and Moscow Mule. (A typical cranberry cosmo has about 100 calories. Mingle’s has about 40, and no hangover as a bonus.) Each costs $8.99 and is available online from Mingle, iGourmet.com and Amazon.com. Info: minglemock­tails.com


This small, craft tequila brand is a lowsugar option for someone looking to cut calories: Nosotros Tequila Blanco was selected the World’s Best Tequila in the San Francisco World Spirit Competitio­n in 2017. Founder Carlos Soto said both the Blanco ($39) and Reposado ($44) can be sipped on their own and that the Reposado, which is aged for 11 months, offers notes of cinnamon versus the peppery tone found in the Blanco. Available at BevMo, Total Wine and More and Bristol Farms; 1% from the sale of each bottle is donated to Waves for Water, a nonprofit bringing clean water to people in need. Info: nosotroste­quila.com

With a twist

Batiste Rhum is produced from nonGMO sugar cane juice harvested from a plantation on Marie-Galante, an island in the French Caribbean, using a process that is said to keep the sugar content low — and the calories in check. (In French, “rum” is “rhum.”) Try the Batiste Silver ($24.99) or Gold ($27.99) with sparkling water and a lime twist over sweeter, more caloric cocktails. Batiste can be purchased at select Whole Foods Markets or online from K&L Wine Merchants. Info: batisterhu­m.com

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 ?? Mingle Mocktails ?? YOU and your designated driver could celebrate nonalcohol­ically with, say, Mingle Mocktails. Otherwise, study what’s in the glass.
Mingle Mocktails YOU and your designated driver could celebrate nonalcohol­ically with, say, Mingle Mocktails. Otherwise, study what’s in the glass.
 ?? Mingle Mocktails ??
Mingle Mocktails
 ?? FitVine Wine ??
FitVine Wine
 ?? Batiste Rhum ??
Batiste Rhum
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Nosotros Tequila

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