Los Angeles Times : 2019-02-11

OPINION : 11 : A11


A11 LATIMES.COM/OPINION MONDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 2019 OPINION EDITORIALS OP-ED ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HOW TO WRITE TO US Please send letters to [email protected] For submission guidelines, see latimes.com/letters or call 1-800-LA TIMES, ext. 74511. latimes.com/opinion Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong Norman Pearlstine EXECUTIVE CHAIRMAN EXECUTIVE EDITOR MANAGING EDITOR BLOWBACK ENTER THE FRAY BLOG Scott Kraft Visit latimes.com/ blowback. John Roberts isn’t ready to “jolt” the legal system on abortion. Yet. Half of Virginia seems to have confessed to wearing blackface. What’s the right penance? Facebook is awful and only getting worse, and I’m never leaving. Visit latimes.com/opinion/enterthefray. SENIOR DEPUTY MANAGING EDITOR Kimi Yoshino DEPUTY MANAGING EDITORS Sewell Chan, Julia Turner ASSISTANT MANAGING EDITORS STAY CONNECTED facebook.com/ latimesopinion twitter.com/ latimesopinion 8 Opinion Nicholas Goldberg Sue Horton EDITOR EDITORIAL PAGES OP-ED SUNDAY OPINION EDITOR 8 OF THE AND FOUNDED DECEMBER 4, 1881 Len De Groot, Stuart Emmrich, Shelby Grad, Loree Matsui, Angel Rodriguez, Michael Whitley

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