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Mueller, a musical

Maybe a Broadway version of the special counsel’s report would bring us together. And it would be less confusing than real life


For the past week, the Mueller report has been dissected, deconstruc­ted, analyzed and psychoanal­yzed. But where many see a damning portrait of Russian interferen­ce and President Trump’s mendacity, I see … a potentiall­y terrific musical. No, seriously. Even though I already knew the main takeaways, as I read the whole report, the enormity of the Russian attacks and the president’s continual attempts to shut down the Mueller investigat­ion f loored me.

Still, I feared the impact would be muted by the predictabl­e cacophony of reactions. All the pundits, left and right, would say what they’ve been saying for years and the country would remain divided.

“If only,” I thought, “someone could sing some of these things, then people might think about them differentl­y.”

So I spent the better part of the day throwing together “Mueller Report: The Musical,” a sure-fire box office smash. Then I sent my masterpiec­e to Peter Barsocchin­i; he wrote all the “High School Musicals,” so I knew he would understand. He was very … kind. He offered me some thoughts on structure — identify the protagonis­t and antagonist (“Trump and Mueller? Trump and blind justice?”) and even suggested an opener (“What’s your inciting incident? Maybe Trump saying, ‘I won the election. Why is everyone still talking about Russia?’ ”).

Then he essentiall­y shut the whole thing down, and not just by making it clear how freaking hard it is to write a musical.

“The first thing you really need to know is the ending,” he said. “Where does this story end?” And of course we do not know that. So there goes my Tony. On the bright side, Barsocchin­i completely understood why I wanted someone to write “Mueller Report: The Musical.”

“What music does is highlight the emotion rather than the informatio­n,” he said. “And the Mueller report is long and confusing. But so many people feel like they’ve been had, so how do they deal with those feelings? The way you deal with those feelings in America right now is you write a musical about it.”

So just in case it was a good idea, here are a few excerpts of a hastily revised draft.

Prologue But I Won (With apologies to “Do You Hear the People Sing”) Do you hear the whispering Saying I didn’t really win. People think the Russians

rigged it That the hacking slid me in. Why won’t they just admit That they lost and move

along. Wait, Flynn hung out with

Kislyak? And lied? Well, he is gone. Ignore the whispering, No need for any cover. Now we fired Flynn, The Russia thing is over.

Act I: In which the special counsel investigat­es the Russian government’s efforts to interfere in the 2016 presidenti­al election.

Narrator: The Internet Research Agency (IRA) carried out the earliest Russian interferen­ce operations.

We Are the IRA (Not That One) (With apologies to “Dear Evan Hansen”) Funded by an oligarch, we hardly ever miss the mark, Using social media, anti-Clinton hate we feed ya Four thousand fake accounts. (Onstage screen fills with tweets from @TEN-GOP, @Jenn_abrams, APamela_Moore13) Facebook filled with proT-rump litter, (Second screen fills with calls to IRA-organized rallies) It wasn’t hard, a few retweets, (Screen fills with fake accounts re-tweeted by Donald Trump, Kellyanne Conway, Michael Flynn) Media coverage, pretty

sweet. (Screen fills with stories

quoting tweets) If you were one who bought

our lies, What can we say?

Blagodaryu vas, guys.

Narrator: Beginning in March 2016, units of the Russian Federation’s Main Intelligen­ce Directorat­e of the General Staff (GRU) hacked the computers of organizati­ons, employees and volunteers supporting the Clinton campaign.

Unit 26165 (with apologies to “Who Am I?”) We are the elite of hundreds

of hackers All part of team GRU An elite cyber unit devoted

to targeting you. If you are a Democrat or

support Hillary We’ll spearfish, plant malware, steal data Then set it all free Through Guccifer,

DCLeaks, Julian Assange. Trump says find emails we

leap to respond. Through WikiLeaks, we

even DM his son. We coordinate data dumps

to help if he fails. When that ET tape leaks we

release more emails. Who are we? Who are we? Unit 26165 Narrator: The presidenti­al campaign of Donald J. Trump showed interest in WikiLeaks’ releases of documents and welcomed their potential to damage candidate Clinton.

Get Me the Emails (with apologies to “Into the Woods”) Where are the emails? You said there’d be emails. I’m counting on emails Because everyone said Someone find me those

emails. Without them I’m dead. Ah, there are the emails. Who cares that it’s theft. Now that they have emails The media will stop leaning


Act II In which Donald Trump’s actions toward the FBI’s investigat­ion into Russia’s interferen­ce in the 2016 presidenti­al election are addressed.

Narrator: On Jan. 27, the president invited FBI Director James Comey to a private dinner and told Comey that he needs loyalty.

Come Dine With Me (With apologies to “Come Fly With Me”) Come dine with me, we’ll

eat, we’ll have a chat. Just you and me, there’s

nothing wrong with that. You’re the FBI, but we’ll see

eye to eye on Flynn. He’s been through a lot. I hope you’ll go easy on him. Come dine with me, we’ll

eat, we’ll chat we two About the things you should

and should not do. Just let this go, I cannot

stress enough That disloyalty will make

our future tough. You need to lift the cloud. You need to say out loud I’m in the clear. And if you won’t then you

are out of here.

Narrator: After Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions announced his recusal on March 2, the president expressed anger.

Unrecuse Yourself (with apologies to “Maria”) Jeff Sessions, I just chose an

AG named Jeff Sessions And suddenly it seems He’s refused to say his team Is me. Jeff Sessions, you are not

recused, my Jeff Sessions. I thought that you were

bolder Like RFK and Holder, Or Roy. Jeff Sessions, don’t make me hate-tweet you, Jeff Sessions. When you first offered to

resign I said, no it will be fine But now I think we know It’s time for you to go, Jeff Sessions.

Narrator: On May 17, 2017, acting attorney general for the Russia investigat­ion Rod Rosenstein appointed a special counsel. The president reacted to the news by telling advisors that it was the end of his presidency.

Where Is Rod (with apologies to “Where Is Love?”) Weeeeellll­l, I’m (bleeped). Special counsel, just my

luck. Everyone tells me, These end a pres’dency Years and years and I am

stuck. Wheeerrrre­ee is Rod? He can act as cattle prod. McGahn, you must tell

him To fire Mueller on my whim. Just do it, give old Rod the

nod. Haaaaavvve­e you called him

yet? It’s not something you could

possibly forget. Don’t give me “massacre.” I want to hear “yes, sir.” Just do it before next sunset. Soooooommm­meeeonnnee­e call Rod.

Just Lie for Me, Michael Cohen (with apologies to “Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina”) Just lie for me, Michael

Cohen. I know nothing ’bout Trump

Tower Moscow. It’s worth a billion But I don’t know that. It never happened. Don’t talk of updates. Stay strong for me, Michael

Cohen. Say nothing about all those

pay outs. You know I love you. Your client thanks you. Just hang in there. Try not to worry. You’re a big rat fink, Michael

Cohen. You flipped because of this

witch hunt. You are a weakling, An awful lawyer. You are just lying To cut your jail time.

Act III: Still in developmen­t.

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