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What are major media concerns for Yunnan?

- (Yunnan Daily)

Xinhua News Agency:

From 2016 to 2018, Yunnan led the country in terms of economic growth. This reveals the strong momentum of the province’s leap-forward developmen­t. So what are the highlights of Yunn)nan’s leap-forward developmen­t

over the past four years?

Chen Hao, Secretary of CPC Yunnan Provincial Committee:

On his inspection tour of our province in January 2015, President Xi Jinping instructed Yunnan to “proactivel­y serve and involve itself in the national developmen­t strategy, blaze a path of leap-forward developmen­t, strive to become a demonstrat­ion area for ethnic unity and progress, lead the vanguard in building an ecological civilizati­on, as well as develop into a radiation centre for South Asia and Southeast Asia, and make special contributi­ons to the Chinese Dream.” In the past four years, we have achieved economic developmen­t by leaps and bounds.

We have further enhanced our comprehens­ive economic strength. From 2014 to 2018, the province’s GDP increased from 1,286.567 billion yuan to 1,788.112 billion yuan, an average annual increase of 8.9 percent. Meanwhile, our economic output climbed from the 24th place up to 20th place in the country.

We have further promoted industrial transforma­tion and upgrading. We have deepened supply-side structural reforms and made remarkable achievemen­ts in the eight key industries of biomedicin­e and health, tourism culture, electronic informatio­n, modern logistics, modern high-altitude agricultur­e, new materials, advanced equipment manufactur­ing, food and consumer goods manufactur­ing. We also maintain strong momentum in building our province into a world-class destinatio­n for the green energy, green food and healthy life sectors.

We have brought reforms and opening up to a new stage. From 2015 to 2018, we have cumulative­ly introduced 3,207.55 billion yuan from outside the province, and increased the number of the world’s top 500 companies in our province to 114. We have continuous­ly optimized our business environmen­t, improved the order of the tourism market, and advanced the reform of our power grid system.

China Daily: How will Yunnan carry the tourism revolution through to the end? What new features will be added to project of “Yunnan at Your Fingertips”? Ruan Chengfa, Governor of Yunnan Province:

Through rigorous measures, we have achieved overwhelmi­ng momentum concerning the rectificat­ion and improvemen­t of the order in our tourism market. In 2018, the national tourism complaint platform received 780 complaints from Yunnan, down by 53 percent year-onyear, a move that saw Yunnan go from sixth place to 21st place on the list of most complained-of provinces in the country. In the same year, both the number of tourists to Yunnan province and the tourism revenue increased by more than 20 percent from the previous year. Next, we will further rectify and upgrade the tourism market to attract more overseas tourists with high-end, featured and smart services.

So far, we have achieved initial results concerning smart tourism. This is represente­d by “Yunnan at Your Fingertips” project. As part of the project, the smart phone app “Travel in Yunnan” has two ends. At the tourist end, we will further optimize the services and take the lead to accommodat­e the 5G network. Meanwhile, we will give priority to the government end this year. Only by improving government services can we ensure a rewarding tourist experience. Science and Technology Daily:

In this year’s government work report, seizing the opportunit­y of digital economy to build “digital Yunnan” is a key task in 2019. Why does the province propose to build “digital Yunnan”? What are the basic conditions? And what is the goal? Ruan Chengfa, Governor of Yunnan Province:

Digital economy will become a main economic form after agricultur­al economy and industrial economy which will drive the transforma­tion of human society’s production method, the reform of production relations and the reorganiza­tion of economic structure and the great change of life style. It can be said that the developmen­t of digital economy has become a global consensus and a historic opportunit­y for mankind.

Over the past year, Yunnan has made a series of exploratio­n and experiment­s. For instance, “Yunnan at Your Fingertips” has become a benchmark for smart tourism. “Government service at Your Fingertips” was put into operation not long ago. The core is to build a new government service to get things done by one time online without asking for help or meeting anyone for approval.

Yunnan is also promoting its mobile phone online products to create a direct supply platform with integrity to sell quality Yunnan featured goods.

 ?? (photo by Lei Tongsu) ?? Chen Hao, Secretary of CPC Yunnan Provincial Committee answers the questions from media
(photo by Lei Tongsu) Chen Hao, Secretary of CPC Yunnan Provincial Committee answers the questions from media
 ?? (photo by Lei Tongsu) ?? Ruan Chengfa, Governor of Yunnan Province answers the questions from media
(photo by Lei Tongsu) Ruan Chengfa, Governor of Yunnan Province answers the questions from media

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